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Campaigning for an open, accountable and responsible tourism industry in Burma/Myanmar
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Asian Wings Airways

No. 34(A1), Shwe Taung Gyar Street, Bahan Township
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+951 515 261
Owned by Tay Za & Sun Far Travels and Tours Co.,Ltd. Domestic flights only. In January 2011, launched a second airline managed by a partner company called the Sun Far Travel and Tour Co., Ltd.,in order to prevent Asia Wing from encountering the same problems as Air Bagan, its other airline company targeted by the sanctions. Tay Za is a business tycoon close who is very close to Than Shwe, the former head of the military junta. Rumour has it that he would also be his son-­‐in-­‐law. CEO of Htoo Trading Company, he is a major actor in the tourist industry, the logging industry, the real estate and arms industry. Via another company called Myanmar Avia Export, he would have helped the dictatorship to buy arms, helicopters and fighter planes from Russian companies. Tay Za and Air Bagan are both listed on the US and European sanctions. (According to Info Birmanie).

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