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Campaigning for an open, accountable and responsible tourism industry in Burma/Myanmar
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Evolution of the No Go Zones in The Republic of Myanmar

Map of Previously Restricted Areas

No Go Zone Update: 

This map is based on the information provided by the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

We are trying to address the conflicting reports we have received about real accessibility for tourists. Here is the summary of discrepancies we have found so far:

-Occasionally tourists manage to get a guide who takes them to Chin State.Paletwa is sometimes accessible for tourists as well as other areas in Chin state, some tourists have visited the area from Bagan.

-Some reports suggest that it is possible to go from Monywa to Kalewa along the river without permission. It is safe to go along the Chin river; some tourists stay in boats overnight.

-Hsipaw is open for tourists; it is a trekking base into the surrounding mountains, offered by different tour operators.

-Tourists can travel from Kengtung to the surrounding areas.

-Tourists can visit the south of Myanmar, but only with special permission and for a hefty fee. Luxury sailing yachts and high-end tour operators offer special tours to remote track islands.

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Current Map of Restricted Areas

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About These Maps

The information on these maps is provided by Tourism Transparency as an information resource for the public. The information for the restricted areas is based on official Myanmar government information for Tourists. Geographical and other information is derived from multiple sources.
Tourism Transparency does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the data provided.
For comparensing, checkout our old map which was based on MOHA directive 1988. This old map show the areas that used to be restricted for foreignres.

Map Sources